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Bold Addictions™

Jewelry Refurbish

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    If you have a favorite jewelry piece that is broken and needs to be fixed, we can bring it back to life. Send us your jewelry and we'll take care of it for you. We will also quote you a price and timeframe for the repair and/or refurbishment. 



    1. Add THIS to your shopping cart & Check out

    2. Send us an email with photos of the item (

    3. We will contact you (return your email) with our thoughts on if the item can be repaired or refurbished, including cost, and timeframe. 

    4. Once we agree on everything and your invoice is paid, that's it! 

    We wait to receive the item, start the work and send photos of the finished product. You will get photos of your item, any necessary edits are done and your item is shipped back to you.