The Style Report

Snow Day? Seriously?!?

While doing my morning InstaScroll, I notice a few of my fellow instagramers have posted about things being shut down because of the snow.  As many of you know, that sounds like news of the south. Us northerns wish, WISH we could have snow days.  I remember working for a company who counted the day against me for not coming into work. I called off, took photos and text messaged them to my supervisor. His reply? "Ohh thats fine, it will probably be slow today, and you won't be the only person snowed in...". Y'all, my car was literally covered...

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Looking good may cost your life, literally

The sidewalks of L.A. storefronts and hustling Koreans in NYC, have perfected the craft of duplicating (aka dup's on social media), all these well known cosmetic brands items. From product packaging, to texture and color, it's easy to get MAC's Ruby Woo for $1...

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Which Necklace or Belt or Scarf or Earrings, WTF should I wear?!

As I walk down 7th Ave in Brooklyn On my way! to Starbucks, I think about the common questions I answer.... How do you choose which accessories you wear? Which necklace should I wear? Does this bracelet look good with this outfit? Can I rock gold and silver jewelry? Accessory or nah? Being a high styled dresser, I get asked these questions a lot from people I encounter in my daily life. I've had the pleasure of styling people, refurbishing wardrobes, teaching classes on dressing, and I ultimately created a brand image of myself [without trying to]... It's kinda like Betsey...

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