Snow Day? Seriously?!?




While doing my morning InstaScroll, I notice a few of my fellow instagramers have posted about things being shut down because of the snow. 

As many of you know, that sounds like news of the south. Us northerners wish, WISH we could have snow days. 

I remember working for a company who counted the day against me for not coming into work. I called off, took photos and text messaged them to my supervisor. His reply? "Ohh that's fine, it will probably be slow today, and you won't be the only person snowed in...". Y'all, my car was literally covered in snow, around the entire car, all I could see was the roof and part of the windows. Living in Chicago, there's no surprise for extreme weather, cold, snow, wind, flying bullets... Even though my property taxed increase on their own, my car is parked on a city street (in front of my home), I can't expect the snow to be plowed. Ever seen photos of people using furniture as a parking space holder? It's true, Chicagoans have made a way. 

Back to the work scenario, I got to work the following day to find out taking off wasn't an option. I was "dinged" for not showing up, even though I called, sent pictures of my snowed-in car, and was told, only a few people actually came into work. (My job was 1hr 3 tolls, and some toll-way traffic away, public trans wasn't an option). 

Thinking about a "snow day" has me reflecting on why I decided to start my own brand. This snow day thing and tons of other reasons were my motivation too, just do it. I did a ton of research and BOOM! Bold Addictions was born. 

What are your thoughts on "snow days"? Should they be mandatory by law (for employers)? Tell me a time a "snow day" was counted against you... 

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