Which Necklace or Belt or Scarf or Earrings, WTF should I wear?!




As I walk down 7th Ave in Brooklyn on my way to Starbucks (in this cute orange collection), I think about the common questions I answer....

How do you choose which accessories you wear? Which necklace should I wear? Does this bracelet look good with this outfit? Can I rock gold and silver jewelry? Accessory or nah?

Being a high styled dresser, I get asked these questions a lot from people I encounter in my daily life. I've had the pleasure of styling people, refurbishing wardrobes, teaching classes on dressing, and I ultimately created a brand image of myself [without trying to]... It's kinda like Betsey Johnson***, when you think of her, you see bright colors, tons of texture, high style with no trend in sight. 

My answer to these questions is to wear what feels good, wear what you like. How, you say? If wearing a certain necklace or pair of sunglasses with your outfit makes you feel awesome, it probably goes great with your look of the day. 

I accessorize based on my mood for the day, where I'm going, and how much time I have to get dressed (solid colored clothes and bold accessories turn an outfit from simple to show stopping).  

Another rule I go by is time of day. Whatever I would wear in the daytime, I wouldn't at night, simply put, the accessories I'd wear at night are far more hardcore than my morning coffee run, then to the office. 

So don't be afraid to wear your accessories, whatever they maybe, sunglasses, shoes, scarf, jewelry, hat, belt, gloves, etc... Don't make accessorizing a big headache, it's suppose to be the salt and pepper of your meal, 'your' flavor. 

I jacked 6 simple steps from writer Adam Glassman of 'O' Magazine (Oprah) that fit right in this mix:

"1. Your necklace should be working for you—a long strand that hits just below the bust makes you look taller and leaner.
2. Not sure when "finishing touch" becomes "overkill"? You can never go wrong with a stack of skinny bangles.
3. Don't be afraid to add something disarmingly bold and masculine—like a oversized watch—into the mix.
4. Try wearing just one big, memorable piece. A wide cuff can easily become your calling card.
5. When shopping for earrings, consider the shape of your face: Pendants look best when yours is round or square. Studs, buttons, or short drop earrings offset a long or oval face. Hoops are always a good choice.
6. A ring should flatter your fingers. Narrow bands or styles that extend toward the knuckle make your digits appear longer; thin fingers can pull off a wider style." -Adam Glassman

Until next time, Be Bold, Get Addicted, shop BoldAddictions.com

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Courtesy: Betsey Johnson
All photos used with permission

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  • These are great techniques! I love big, bold accessories! They are so fun and daring!

    Kirsten A Jackson

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