Looking good may cost your life, literally



Merry Christmas Eve to all that celebrate this holiday, to those that don't, happy day off work! As I sip my hot cup of coffee and listen to my schnauzer snore in the background I glance out my window to see the beautiful snow thats started to fall (late) here in Chicago. I think about my look for the day, my hair and makeup... A girl can never have too much makeup, as I wish upon a star for more, I think about all the fake name brand makeup being sold. 

With so many web stores offering private label (their own brand) cosmetics, and so many trillion, billion, gazillion, selling knock-off MAC, YSL, NARS, and other luxury brand makeup. I've been tempted before but my thoughts of health risks play a major factor. The sidewalks of L.A. storefronts and hustling Koreans in NYC, have perfected the craft of duplicating (aka dup's on social media), all these well known cosmetic brands items. From product packaging, to texture and color, it's easy to get MAC's Ruby Woo for $1...

While I love to dress up, beat my face (as the drag queens call putting on makeup), add layers of jewelry and wrap my hair in a bold colorful fabric, I wouldn't trade beauty for health. Back to reality, I'll have to do with many others have to do, save for my beauty products (Fenty, all of your items are on my radar and next to buy list). 

While all this maybe true, I think, how do I know for sure the beauty products I purchase are really non-cariogenic, or non-harmful for that matter? I guess thats where I put my trust in the FDA to make sure these companies go through rigorous testing and meet epic health standards. 

Then I see this headline: "Claire's pulls makeup with asbestos contamination". 😨 While I'm not an advocate for children wearing and "playing" makeup, this is shocking and disappointing. Click the link above to read the article, or visit Claire's...

To end I add, look fabulous everyday. Wear your clothes, wear your makeup, and definitely wear your jewelry. Looking good makes you feel great, just be careful doing so. 

Love & Peace Beauties, 

-Brass Candy


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  • Vanessa on

    Hello Brass,
    You thoughts hold very true. Yes it was rather disappointing regarding the claires make up kits. I have the same thought children have their whole lives ahead of them to do “grown women” things such as wearing makeup. I never have gave it thought about knock off make up. Thank you for making me more aware of that issue. I am going to try the Fenty line pretty soon,it is fabulous for all of us of different tones and skin colors. Hats off to you Brass as always keeping us informed and aware and for daring us to be BOLD!

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