5 Amazingly Stylish Ways to Wear A Statement Necklace


The weather is changing and the festive season is approaching very fast. The cold weather is all about layering a number of clothing items in the right way to achieve the gorgeous look but the style game can be taken to the next level by layering a number of stunning and head-turning necklaces too. The statement-making necklaces are getting in the fashion trend this season, in a really big way. The point is that you can boost up your personal style by just wearing a statement necklace and make your regular and boring winter attire stylishly sensational.  The loud and awe-inspiring necklaces are getting into a focal point nowadays in all types, shapes, and sizes. For making your outfit style interesting effortlessly, all you need to do is to select a complementary and bold statement necklace and wear it. You can either layer a number of chains, stack up the chunky style or wear a collar necklace and be instantly out of the crowd. Here are some of the simplest yet stunning ways to wear statement necklaces.


Statement-Making Pendant with Button Down and Blazer: 



Complete a relaxed formal look by buttoning up a denim shirt and wearing a bold pendant necklace in vintage style over it. Framing the necklace with a dark colored blazer will enhance its charm and add oomph to your overall outlook.



Edgy Street Style with Layering Chains and Pendants:





Mixing and matching is one of the hottest trends in the modern fashion world that allows you to be a stylist of your own and create an ultimately sensational look. You can highlight your personal style by wearing a number of chain pendants and adding a pop of color in the form of a large and bold pendant. You can pair a white unbuttoned shirt and a leather jacket to elevate the trendy vibes.



Charismatic Necklace with Denim Jacket:





Denim jackets are like the staple for the fall and winter wardrobes. Everyone likes to wear Denim jackets with T-shirts more than often but you can make your regular attire a bit more edgy and completely head-turning by pairing a mesmerizing vintage necklace that seems to play a charm of its own. You can wear an all-black dress and team it up with the bold necklace to make it a personal statement, while the denim jacket can frame it by bringing it in the center of attention.



Be all Dressed up and Preppy with a Minimal Choker:




minimal choker for women with silver beads with gold beads with pearls 




green and gold flower statement necklace for women with crystals and diamonds and beads




Making a plain dress, totally party ready, is easier by simply pairing a sparkling and bold choker with it. You can select any dress with the simplest design and cuts and enhance its beauty effortlessly by teaming it up with a gorgeous looking statement choker. You can also get a splash of color to your simple and plain dress by wearing a glamorous crystal necklace.

A Brighter Necklace with a Plain Sweater or sweatshirt:







You can get a vibrant pop of color in the form of a statement necklace with an ordinary looking sweater and get a most cheerful and chic look. It’s better to wear pastel or basic colored sweater or sweatshirt to make the colorful necklace right into the limelight and develop a glamorous style.




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