Everything You Need For the Perfect Valentine’s Day Look



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.


Whether you have planned a fancy dinner date with your partner for the night or you’re looking forward to hit the bar with your girl pals for drinks that night, you need to have a killer outfit and equally stunning accessories to nail down the perfect Valentine’s Day look.


Since traditionally, red is the color of the day, it only makes sense for you to pick a gorgeous dress in red with silhouette that flatters you perfectly. Once the dress is taken care of, the next step is to secure all of your glamorizing accessories for the day of LOVE - Valentine’s Day.

Here are some suggestions for you from our Red Rum Collection; feast your eyes and brace yourself to be hit by the cupid:

#1 Victoria Red Beaded Necklace



First up is this gorgeous layered beaded necklace. It’s bold, loud, flamboyant and chic. For the women who don’t like wearing an all-red ensemble even on Valentine’s Day, this would be a great choice to add some red into any outfit. Style it with a sexy black dress and throw on an evening jacket on top.



#2 Dream Catcher Drops


dream catcher drop earrings

Tassel earrings add a romantic feminine flare to any outfit at any given day. If you are planning to put together a cute outfit to be worn to work on Valentine’s Day, we suggest a cute little blouse with polka dots with red skirt and these stunning dream catcher drops earrings. It’s very youthful and fresh.



#3 Hannah Statement Necklace


That special night out that you have planned with your significant other on Valentine’s Day deserves something special. This red crystal covered Hannah statement necklace would go perfectly well with a regal night dress. Make sure to opt for a plunging neckline to keep thing smoldering and sexy. The necklace comes with matching earrings so you’re set for the night.

#4 Gucci Snake Drops





Jewelry designs for bold, feisty and fierce women needs to be as dynamic as their personas. Do you think you can handle the heat? Try these Gucci snake drop earrings on love day with your outfit for the night. Pair it with the beaded red necklace, add on some rings and bracelets and you are ready to roll.


We have a Red rum collection exclusively curated to cater to all your Valentine’s Day jewelry needs. Don’t forget to check the entire collection here.


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