Essence Festival 2018




Yass Yasss is my favorite way to describe my thoughts on the Essence Festival (check out these Essence Fes inspired pieces). Since I can remember social activities for women have been on my must-go list for myself and my closest friends. New Orleans, Louisana is a great place to vacation (take these on vaca with you) any other time of the year, but an added tradition makes it more worthwhile. A place to be inspired, motivated, have some fun and do some stress-free networking, I declare Essence magazine has done a damn good job of making sure I'm entertained year after year! 

  Great music, great food, excellent shopping, beautiful women, what more can you ask for! The year 2018 has been a fantastic opportunity for newer brands such as Shadow Hill, Lorod, and MadHappy (just to name a few) to showcase their creativity. We can all agree that black women have been holding it down in the entrepreneur corner. The digital, beauty, tech, and fashion industries have been stormed by alpha female bosses. This article I came across (coincidently marked with a timestamp of 5:04, the telephone area code of New Orleans) by Kayla Bertucci on, shares how a fashion designer is being showcased at this year's festival. Kayla says "If you want to leave Essence Festival this year looking like a runway model (get this necklace to start your strut), then you have a chance."

  My recommendation to all women is to experience this annual jamboree, you will not be disappointed. Plan your travel, Grab your girlfriends and go, girl! Let your hair down and Fais do-do (Fay' dough dough: A Cajun dance party, after the children have gone to sleep)!!


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