Earrings too Heavy? Earlobes stretched?



If you're like me and you love statement earrings (check these high fashion everyday wear earrings out), you want to wear them at any time no matter the cost. However, this cost may come as stretched earlobes from excesses pulling, tugging, and heavy earrings. The cost may also be from a trend of lobe gauging (the deliberate expansion of a healed piercing for the purpose of wearing certain types of jewelry). Lastly, stretched lobes may be a result of wrongly pierced ears by non-clinical piercers. 

Doing some recent research I found 2 options, 1 to be an instant fix for the not-so-bad lobes, and the 2nd option a permanent fix, a clean slate. 

The 2nd option is done by a medical professional with local an anesthetic, 3-4weeks recovery with a price tag of $500+. Talk to a dermatologist in your area for details. 

Now on to the good news!! The 1st option mentioned above, the instant fix 

I'm happy to report a solution for the beautiful earring fashionista's! As a quick fix, or just added earring support, Bold Addictions™️ is giving away a FREE pair of Ear Lobe Magic with each earring (weighing more than 2oz) purchase, while supplies last. 


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